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Dear Customer:
In order to facilitate you to select the appropriate requirements of the plastic head, please note the following four aspects of information:

Plastic head shape
Please choose the appropriate plastic head shape according to different printing requirements, please refer to "plastic head legend". When recording the plastic head model, please note that the area of ordinary plastic head and plastic tablets.
Silicone material
Production of plastic head material is a silicone material, the human body without poison. I selected five kinds of different representative of the silicone raw materials, namely:
① enhanced ... ... red ... ... German raw materials excellent ink transfer performance resilience good long life resistance to fatigue, good solvent resistance.
③ enhanced type ... ... blue ... ... Italian raw materials better ink transfer performance excellent solvent resistance
④ ordinary type ... ... yellow ... ... Japanese raw materials is a more common use of silicone raw materials.
⑥ standard type ... ... red ... ... domestic R & D raw materials with complete intellectual property comparison experiments show that with the German raw materials similar performance.
⑦ anti-static & nbsp; & nbsp; ... ... pink ... ... eliminate static-type plastic head can be more effective to improve the ratio of ink /ink to solve the bubble, sand and other printing problems.
I use the Japanese company (TECLOCK) GS-701N rubber hardness tester to measure the hardness of plastic head, according to the measured value of the plastic head is divided into nine hardness levels:
Hardness ① ... 1 - 3 degrees (± 2) Hardness ④ ... 18-20 degrees (± 2) Hardness ⑦ ... 33-35 degrees (± 2)
Hardness ② ... 8 -10 degrees (± 2) Hardness ⑤ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ... 23-25 degrees (± 2) Hardness ⑧ ... 38-40 degrees (± 2)
Hardness ③ ... 13-15 degrees (± 2) Hardness ⑥ ... 28-30 degrees (± 2) Hardness ⑨ ... 43-45 degrees (± 2)
Plastic head is divided into two types of ordinary plastic head and plastic tablets (see plastic head legend), and according to the different surface roughness of plastic head is divided into two kinds of smooth and matte, smooth surface of the plastic surface finish, Printed graphic in the details of the outstanding performance, and graphic surface smooth; matte plastic head has a stronger ability to take ink, ink transfer better than the smooth plastic head, according to the specific requirements of a reasonable selection of printing The Specifically:
① ordinary plastic head smooth ② ordinary plastic head dumb ③ gum head grain smooth ④ plastic head dumb surface

Order example: plastic head Model: 028 Hardness: 22 degrees Order number: 21115028
Silicone material: enhanced special: ordinary smooth plastic head

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